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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do DJ's charge so much per hour?
A: It seam to be a lot, fact is more time goes into preparing a gig than most know. It takes 3 to 4 hours to put together your playlist, an hour to setup an hour to take down. So for a 4 hour gig, 6 hours is onsite, 3 to 4 hours making a playlist. A 4 hour gig at $100.00 per hour price $400.00 divided by 10 hours. None of this adds in the cost of equipment. Note: This pricing is only an example, each project is priced based on your needs and equipment required to properly cover you venue area size. Weddings run higher because of more than one location setup.

Q: Average price for a 4 hour party?
A: $400 to $500, but can go upwards of $1000.00 depending on equipment needs and setup time ie. lights multiple speaker locations, multiple microphone locations

Q: What is a MC compared to a DJ and why do I need both?
A: MC is "Master of Ceremony" the person that talks a lot vs DJ "Disk Jockey" the person that plays the music mixes. You need both as the MC is out in the crowd with micro phone and the DJ is at the table running all the equipment.